Poynter: “Inside the 8-month reinvention of an unprofitable college newspaper”

Really fascinating look at how to revamp a student newspaper into an institution that can carry its own financial weight. Many mainstream newspapers have failed at this, but within the unique environment of a college or university there may be models that are effective.

“What we’re seeing out of our newsroom is exactly what you’d hope: Strong, smart journalists tend to be creative problem solvers who really understand their audiences. So they’re borrowing ideas from all over the place and coming up with many of their own. Some of that is practical — our incoming editor understands that our rent is too high, and is figuring out how we can move into a smaller space without sacrificing quality or operations, for example. Some of it is experimental — for example, we appreciate that our audience at UNC is a desirable demographic, and if we can project their behaviors, identify messages or communication styles that resonate with them, and document their preferences, that is information that has huge value for marketing firms.”